The 1984 gas leak in Bhopal, India, was a terrible tragedy that understandably continues to evoke strong emotions even 29 years later. In the wake of the release, Union Carbide Corporation worked diligently to provide immediate and continuing aid to the victims and set up a process to resolve their claims – all of which were settled 22 years ago at the explicit direction and with the approval of the Supreme Court of India.

This web site provides our statement regarding the tragedy, details our response, and other historical and legal information about the incident.

In 1998, the Indian state government of Madhya Pradesh took full responsibility for the site. For more information on the Indian state government's efforts to address victims' needs and site clean up, visit the Madhya Pradesh web site that addresses the Bhopal tragedy.

Since the time of the incident, the chemical industry has worked to voluntarily develop and implement strict safety and environmental standards to help ensure that an incident of this type never occurs again.